Chef’s Choice: Lamb Biryani

By Aug 11, 2019 Chef's Choice

This week’s Chef’s Choice is probably the most loved dish in the UAE overall. We don’t think there are very many people living in this country who haven’t tasted the iconic Biryani!

Every region in the Arabian peninsula and the Indian subcontinent certainly have their own version of Biryani. From these areas the dish has made its way to hungry diners’ plates in every continent.

We wanted to be bold and create our Hello Chef version of the recipe – respecting the aromatic, indulging and comforting flavours of the classic. So, get ready to skip the home delivery and make the best Biryani at home!

Here’s the direct link to Hello Chef’s recipe card: Lamb Biryani with Green Beans and Sultanas. The preparation is easy. The prep time is minimal – you only need to chop onion and green beans.

Then you can already set yourself in front of the stove and start by frying the lamb mince. When it’s nicely browned, just add a generous selection of carefully chosen spices and give it a few good turns. Enjoy the scent! All the essential flavours are starting to develop.

In goes the rice along with raisins, green beans and chicken stock. They get to stew together in the perfect harmony until the rice is cooked. Everything that’s left to do is to check the seasoning, add some cashew nuts for crunch, and serve the Biriyani with dollops of natural yogurt.

We can’t wait for you to try it. It is. So. Good. Enjoy!

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As always, please send us feedback by rating your recipes and leaving comments – we read every single one! Your feedback is highly appreciated, as it helps us improve our recipe offering even further. Thank you and enjoy your week!