10 ways to take Instagram-worthy food shots

By Oct 11, 2020 Tips

Creating a delicious plate of food that not only tastes good, but looks incredible too is a great achievement – and often one you’d want to share with others. Upgrade your feed with these top food photography tips from our Hello Chef recipe team and ensure you get the perfect Insta-worthy shot every time. 

1. Take your pics in natural light

That’s daylight, not direct sunlight!

2. Leave the rim of your plate clean 

To avoid a messy looking dish, ensure you use a cloth to mop up any spillages on the plate, and try not to overcrowd the space.

3. Garnish generously!

Some fresh herbs, a drizzle of olive oil, a sprinkling of sumac or a good grind of black pepper will take your dish to the next level.  

4. Get your hands involved

Whether they’re holding the plate or tucking in, a show of hands can bring a picture to life.

5. Take your pics top down!

Birdseye view is the easiest and most on-trend angle – it also happens to be our favourite.

6. Tell a story!

Allowing a fresh sprig of rosemary, a pair of vintage salt and pepper shakers or some Japanese chopsticks to feature in your shot can really help set the scene.

7. Experiment with backgrounds

A nice wooden table top or a colourful tea towel can make all the difference!

8. Give proteins pride of place

Cooked your steak to perfection? Don’t hide it under a pool of sauce!

9. Edit, edit, edit!

Experiment with filters (the lighter the better!) and don’t be afraid to crop until you find the frame that makes your dish stand out the most. 

10. Use this handy iOS tool

iPhone users, remember to line up the floating crosshair with the fixed crosshair in the centre of the screen to level your phone’s camera for the perfect top-down shot.

One more tip – remember to share your pictures with us and tag us on Instagram @hellochef!