Celebrate UAE National Day with our Emirati-inspired recipes

By Nov 22, 2023 Recipes

Celebrate the spirit of togetherness and heritage with our UAE National Day-themed recipes. Our chefs have focused on creating Emirati-inspired recipes that pay homage to the nation’s culinary traditions, from aromatic spices to exquisite blends of ingredients. Join us as we commemorate UAE National Day through the joy of extraordinary flavours, available to order for delivery for one week only, starting Thursday 30 November! 

Minced Beef and Chickpea Fatteh with Garlic Tahini Yogurt and Zaatar Flatbread


Nothing says celebration more than family-style cooking, and our twist on this Levantine favourite is the perfect dish to serve in the centre of the table for everyone to enjoy. “Fatteh” in Arabic means to crumble, and this layered dish is full of warm spices, crunchy textures, and creamy yoghurt. 

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Emirati-Style Chicken and Rice Machboos with Almonds and Dates


Our take on a traditional Emirati dish, machboos is a firm favourite among local families celebrating their heritage and achievements on UAE National Day. Chicken and rice is cooked in a medley of warm Arabic spices with dried lemon, cardamom, and cinnamon. Dried lemons are a particularly interesting ingredient and one that we’d love to tell you more about – check out the first episode in our Ingredient Culture series here with Chef Roya to discover more! 

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Chicken Salona: Emirati-Style Chicken Stew with Vermicelli Rice


This classic Arabic stew has it all: humble origins, plenty of flavour and the ultimate comfort factor for these cooler winter evenings. Our take on this Emirati favourite brings together chicken and vegetables in a rich, aromatic tomato base. We also have a vegetarian version for those looking for a meat-free alternative!

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