Our top veg Diwali recipes on the menu

By Oct 25, 2023 Recipes

Have you tried our Diwali recipes yet? In celebration of the Festival of Light, we have several Diwali recipes on our menus throughout November. If you haven’t tried them yet, there’s still time! For the recipe range, our chefs have focused on creating recipes that can be served sharing-style with loved ones and celebrate classic Indian-inspired flavours. Here, we spotlight our favourite veg Diwali dishes that are coming up on our menu – available to order for deliveries from Thursday 16 November! 

Eggplant Tikka Masala with Garlic Rice

It’s hard to believe this indulgent curry is vegan! Eggplant can typically be quite mild in flavour, but it is the perfect vehicle for soaking up all of the wonderful Indian spices that run through this dish, as it absorbs more flavour the longer and slower it is cooked. 

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Bombay Paneer and Cauliflower with Seedy Green Beans

Paneer is a fresh cheese used in a variety of vegetarian Indian dishes. It’s basically non-melting… which makes it a great protein alternative to meat or fish in Indian cuisine! This dish pairs paneer with cauliflower and once lightly simmered, the two soak up all of that delicious spiced tomato gravy for a truly flavour-packed dish! 

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Indian Veg Thali Plate: Chickpea Masala and Black Pepper Dahl with Lime Rice, Mint Salad and Chapatis

Thali translates to ‘plate’ from Hindi and consists of multiple small dishes, creating a balanced and delicious feast. For our vegetarian version, (check out our Chicken Thali here) we have a classic dahl, flavoured with turmeric and cardamom, served alongside a chickpea masala that certainly packs a punch! 

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Cauliflower and Chickpea Makhani with Basmati Rice and Chapatis

The word ‘makhani’ literally means creamy butter, so this dish is certainly not short of indulgence! Typically, you might have tried dahl makhani – one of India’s most popular dahls made with black lentils. Here, we’ve taken the same flavours and packed it full of vegetables to make it a hearty, well-rounded curry. 

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To order our veg Diwali recipes, simply login to your account and look out for the ‘Diwali’ tag when selecting your meals. The recipes are available for deliveries until the end of November. Happy cooking!

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