5 Tips to Make Your Diet Sustainable

By Dec 22, 2019 Diet

Having a healthy lifestyle is very simple but not that easy. Nowadays, in our daily lives, we face so many challenges that don’t allow us to achieve consistency in our way of eating. That’s why we are sharing with you a few ideas on the best way to lose weight and how to make your diet sustainable with easy healthy habits.

1. Create a weekly meal planner

You can achieve a sustainable weight loss meal plan in Dubai through determination and discipline. However, don’t put strict rules. Approach it as a journey toward creating a healthier and reasonable lifestyle.

Defining a few precise rules will help you create daily habits and commit to them. For example, “I will have 2 portions of fruits everyday” or “I will drink 2L of water everyday”.

Below are some tips for easy calorie tracking:

  • Get a pen and paper and write down your rules in your own food diary.
  • Use the notes application on your smartphone.
  • Use a digital tracking tool such as MyFitnessPal.

In addition, always create a weekly diet meal plan. Meal planning is related to how effectively you prepare your meals. It’s about deciding which type of food you want to have each week and then create customizable dishes that you can stick to.

Another option is to leave the weekly meal planning to us. All you have to do is choose your 4 recipes from our weekly changing menu. Make sure you use the Macros that we calculate for each recipe to track your proteins, carbohydrates, fats & calorie intake. Our macros are written per serving.

2. Eat real whole foods

The food you eat obviously plays a role in the bacterial makeup of your gut, that’s why gut health is the most important factor for a healthy digestion and a sustainable diet. Focus on the nutritional quality of your meals instead of just the calories, and you will have successful weight loss results that you will be able to maintain for a lifetime. Start nourishing your body with whole foods, the food it needs to make you feel and look healthy. This means:

  • Less processed food
  • Less meat consumption
  • More vegetables & fruits
  • More whole grains, nuts and seeds

When you decide to eat more fiber containing food you’ll probably have bloating as a side effect. That’s natural in the beginning and to keep it at a minimum it’s recommended to make that switch in meal plans slowly.

3. Power up your meal plan with plants

You can start shifting your diet slowly to a more plant-based one. This way of eating will benefit both you and our planet. A study made in 2018 proved that a plant based diet is a more effective solutions for weight loss than a regular diet that contains meat. You don’t have to completely switch diets to become a vegan however you can slowly switch to a plant-based diet as a simple way to to progress your weight loss plan.*

Choose local products and try to use what you have at home in order not to throw anything away. If you’re planning to go grocery shopping then make that trip count by including plant protein sources like:

  • Fava, kidney and soybeans
  • Raw nuts such as cashews and pistachios
  • Lentils
  • Chickpea
  • Tofu

A solution to this problem is selecting some of our vegan & vegetarian recipes. Even the recipes that do contain protein will come with veggies to give you a balanced diet. You can save yourself the grocery shopping time & avoid wasting any leftovers. We’ll send you everything you need in the exact amounts required for each recipe you select.

One of our favorite vegan recipes: Chickpea Rogan Josh with Basmati Rice
[click here for recipe]

4. Pay attention to portion sizes

The ‘how much’ is just as important as the ‘what’. Always focus on eating wholesome nutrient-dense food in appropriately sized portions, and make sure to eat a variety of foods in order to get all your daily nutrients.

Some ideas to help you keep up with the quantities you’re eating:

  • Checking the food labels for the calories per portion
  • Creating a food tracker such as a digital food scale
  • Having a food journal and write down every day your meals
  • Letting a friend join you in this healthy journey

You’ll always find the macros per serving mentioned on our website. You could also find yourself with a little bit extra on your plate after cooking a Hello Chef meal. In that case you can always save it for later.

5. Rid your meal plan of waste

Reducing your food waste will help the environment and allow you to save money. What you can do is always check your fridge and see how you can prepare a healthy meal plan with what you already have. Then, you need to pay attention for the portion sizes and measure the quantities of how much you need. You can always freeze the rest.

Since we send you pre-measured ingredients, you won’t find yourself throwing any waste. An added benefit is the additional space you’ll be able to enjoy not just in your kitchen but in your fridge as well! Our recipe boxes fit like a charm in any standard size fridge.

Remember that consistency in your lifestyle change will help you achieve those long-term results you are hoping for. Focus on the above rules and healthy practices and make it a goal for 2020 to make your diet sustainable.

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