How to holiday at home with our best international dishes

By Aug 4, 2020 Holidays

Nostalgia for our favourite holiday destinations has hit an all-time peak this summer as the pandemic continues to restrict travel to a number of popular tourist hotspots. 

Luckily, there are still ways of us immersing ourselves in the best of other cultures without needing to leave the country – namely, through food. 

Bring the taste of holiday home this summer with a selection of our top international dishes, and enjoy a diverse culinary experience from the safety of your kitchen.

Smoked salmon and mango poke bowl

Head to Hawaii with this ultra-fresh smoked salmon and mango poke bowl recipe. Top sticky sushi rice with smoked salmon slices, punchy pickled ginger, sweet chunks of mango and a spicy sriracha mayo dressing for a super quick and refreshing dinner option. 

Cypriot rice and lentil stew

Or, jet off to Cyprus as you whip up this traditional Cypriot stew recipe. Faki, which simply means ‘lentils’ in Greek, is a rice and lentil stew which is one of the most commonly eaten dishes in Cyprus. Packed with nutrients, enjoy this healthy dinner with warm pitta breads and an ice-cold drink for the ultimate holiday dish.

Beef bangers and mash with onion gravy and peas

Brits looking for a taste of home will love this classic bangers and mash recipe – complete with onion gravy and garden peas. Known for its comforting connotations, this dish is bound to bring with it a dose of nostalgia for cold, winter evenings by the fire in a country pub. 

Indian butter chicken with basmati rice

Whether you’re longing for a trip to the colourful streets of India or simply craving a classic curry for dinner this week, look no further than our Indian butter chicken with basmati rice recipe. Quicker (and healthier!) than a takeaway and packed with plenty of traditional spices, there’s a good reason why this recipe is one of our best performing to date. Enjoy!

Mexican chicken mince and bean stew with nachos

Finally, bypass the more common Mexican menu items and skip straight to this warming and indulgent soup recipe, packed with chicken mince, beans and corn and topped with bubbling melted cheese. Trust us, it’ll soon become a staple favourite!

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