A Sugarfied Surprise!

By Sep 3, 2019 Announcement

We’ve got a sweet surprise for everyone ordering Hello Chef this week. To be more precise, it’s a sweet Belgian delicacy. From a store in the magical lands of Riverland and The Beach a delicious treat will lie in your box this week. Still don’t know what we’re talking about? Then you’ll want to stick around and find out because we’re sure you’re gonna love this.

Memories made in a tour at the Riverland Sugarfied & Co store.

In collaboration with one of Dubai’s most prominent candy stores, Sugarfied & Co, we would like to announce some very exciting news. In the following 2 weeks, 14 to 16 September & 21 to 23 September, 8 lucky winners will find a Sugarfied & Co Golden Ticket in their box. Not just that…but everyone that ordered a Hello Chef box this week, 7 to 9 September, will receive a mini Sugarfied & Co chocolate box with a discount code on Sugarfied & Co’s website!

Olivia holding the Golden Ticket and the Large Belgian Chocolate Box!

You’re probably asking what is the Golden Ticket? What is so special about this prize?

The Golden Ticket can be reclaimed at Sugarfied & Co’s Riverland store or The Beach JBR store for a Large Belgian Chocolate Box. The Large Chocolate Box is valued at over AED 200 and contains a delicious selection of Sugarfied & Co’s best. You can also take a free candy store tour with the wonderful owners who built this magical chocolate & candy sanctuary.

Sugarfied & Co packing up your gifts for this week’s order.

Olivia visited the Riverland store with her family to dip some pretzels, strawberries & apples in chocolate & caramel. After that they would roll them in sprinkles, nuts or some delicious chocolate crumbles. We tried their unique signature coffee & of course we couldn’t say no to the ice cream. That was only a small part of what came with the tour as the lovely Sugarfied & Co team guided Olivia & the family around the store!

Olivia’s daughter joyfully sprinkling her sprinkles on chocolate dipped pretzels!

It was an hour filled with joy & nothing but joy… the highlights of our visit can be summed up in the images below.

Olivia was excited to know she was about to dip strawberries in chocolate.
And there goes…!
Olivia’s daughter dipping a green apple in Sugarfied & Co’s special caramel.
Olivia’s son did the same and then rolled his caramel dipped apple in chocolate crumbles!