An Inspiring Christmas Gift!

By Dec 11, 2019 Announcement

Everyone ordering this week will receive an inspiring gift to celebrate Christmas! This won’t be a Secret Santa gift however because we are about to announce our Santa. Lets play a guessing game and see if you can tell what the gift is from the tips below:

  • It has many many blends.
  • Each blend can be used in a different way.
  • Whether dry or wet it smells incredibly good.
  • You can use it to cool yourself down.
  • You can also use it for replenishment during a great workout.
  • A great detox with a multitude of benefits.

Did you guess what it is? The first clue really gives it away….so does the 3rd….and the last clue…alright enough with the build up & the suspense. We’re sure you’ve probably scrolled all the way down already to find out what it is. Yes no one has time for guessing games these days. If you didn’t scroll down yet then by all means do so and scroll all the way back up again to find out how you can get even more gifts this Christmas!


All you have to do is post your blend on #brwsociety and follow @brw_society on Instagram. You can easily become one of the lucky 3 winners who will choose a 100g BRW Society blend of their choice and win a Tea Ball Infuser with it!

Get as creative as you can because we will be picking the best 3 pictures. You can take a simple shot of your blend in your Hello Chef box or you can create your hot tea or ice tea and take a shot of that instead. You can really do whatever you want, it’s your brew after all. Check out Olivia’s brew on our YouTube channle:

Q&A with Laura Manning – Founder & Managing Director of BRW Society

Some of you don’t know much about BRW Society yet because it’s a relatively new player in our local tea market. This great Q&A we had with Laura Manning, Founder and Managing Director of BRW Society will tell you exactly why we chose to collaborate with her creative brand.

1. What makes BRW Society tea different than any other tea out there?

“Great question Hello Chef! In a nutshell, we believe BRW Society tea is the most FUN and DELICIOUS tea out there!!  It’s as simple as that.

BRW Society LLC is the UAE’s first tea company focusing on tea mixology, aiming to tantalize your taste buds with every sip.  We mix unique ingredients, depending on trends and seasons, to create colorful tea creations with exceptional taste.

We have created a wonderful menu of 33 tea blends containing the best quality tea with the best quality herbs, spices and fruits. 

There is definitely nothing boring about BRW Society tea!

We’ve made it our mission to inspire people through tea, by bringing to the market – fun, quirky tea blends and delicious tasting functional teas. Check out Candyfloss and Prickly Cactus – who can resist?!”

2. BRW Society – what does the name mean?

“Ahh the name…BRW Society is pronounced ‘Brew’ Society. The name represents a community of BRW’ers who love to try new things and have a fun, adventurous side.”

3. Although you’ve only started in July 2019 you have a staggering variety of tea…33 different blends! How did you come up with so many so soon?

“We do and it’s going to keep growing.  It’s our obsession!

Even though our story began in July 2019, BRW Society has been years in the making.  The list of tea blends we want to bring to the market is HUGE, we’re just getting started

When you love tea as much as we do and when you drink tea as much as we do, the creations keep flowing.

It’s important to us that we keep BRW Society fresh and keep new tea blends coming.  Each quarter we will add to our range so be sure to check out our website frequently for the latest concoctions and trends – you do not want to miss out! Enjoy!!”

4. Candyfloss, Prickly Cactus, Forever Nutty, Winter Fire…these are some of the creative names given to BRW Society’s unique tea blends. Who came up with these names and what inspired them?

“Laura and Jules!  We have so much fun with the names.

We get our inspiration from everywhere – we may be sipping on tea, running the kids to school, exercising…anywhere!  We keep our eyes open, consume copious amounts of tea and the creativeness flows.

That being said, we want everyone who sips our BRW’s to feel included in our Society, so we are planning to run some competitions to “Name That BRW” in the New Year. Watch this space!”

5. One of your best-selling blends is Mango Madness, what’s the secret behind it?

“Everyone loves Mango Madness!

Mango Madness is just delicious and tropical.  The secret behind it is the pineapple cubes, juicy mango cubes, tangy orange slices, sweet strawberries and pretty marigold blossoms – it’s exotic, refreshing, the ultimate thirst quencher and instantly transports your mind to a tropical paradise (sorry we can’t transport you there physically, YET!)

This one is not just for grownups…the kids LOVE this caffeine-free tea, it’s always a winner.”

6. With so much variety it becomes difficult to make a choice. Do you have any plans on selling a “sample” or “gift” pack that contains 5 or more flavors for those who want to try it all?

“Hello Chef, thank you for asking!  Yes, absolutely.  This is feedback we’ve had this year and we are taking it on board so early in 2020 we will be launching our sample packets.  You will be able to buy 20-30g sample blends or sample bundles to try at home.”

7. Other than your website where else can we get our hands on your tea?

“You can also pick up BRW Society Tea at, they stock the whole range including our accessories.  And it doesn’t stop there, in 2020 we will be announcing several new partners so it’s going to become even easier to stock up on your BRW.”

That marks the end of our Q&A with Laura Manning, Founder and Managing Director of BRW Society. Don’t forget to use your coupon code on checkout to get 20% off from, the code is written down on the BRW Society card that you’ll find in your box!


The Christmas gift is a pack of BRW Society’s tea good enough to make at least 5 cups! We don’t know which blend you’ll end up with as we’re sending out all 33 blends. When you get your box make sure you share your blend on #brwsociety, follow them @brw_society and get a chance to win! Scroll back up for more details on this in case you skipped the build up in the introduction. 😉☝️