What does becoming a B Corp mean to us?

By Aug 10, 2023 B Corp

Becoming the first UAE-based food company to achieve B Corp certification has marked a monumental milestone for Hello Chef. But the path to get here has been anything but easy, with over 14 months of dedicated efforts to reach this stage in our journey. To understand its significance, we spoke with the team members who have worked tirelessly behind the scenes to make it happen. 

Cova, our HR manager, shared her thoughts, saying, “It inspires me to continue fostering a culture of purpose, employee well-being, and sustainability within our organisation, knowing that we are part of this global movement.”

A significant portion of our efforts to obtain certification has focused on our employees and creating a better work environment at Hello Chef. We have implemented various initiatives, such as solidifying our company mission, vision, and core values; extending parental leave beyond the UAE’s minimum requirements, and ensuring our employees’ salaries meet or exceed the estimated living standards for the UAE, to name just a few.

Cova added, “B Corp certification reflects our organisation’s dedication to creating a better world, both within and beyond our company walls. As a people lover and firm believer that we must collaborate to change the world, witnessing this transformation has been truly rewarding.”

Transparency has always been a guiding principle in our organisation’s structure and business practices, contributing not only to our certification but also to greater accountability towards our customers, employees, and suppliers. Throughout this journey, we have formalised and published several policies, including our code of conduct, data privacy policy, and supplier code of conduct, among others. Kyle, our supply chain manager, believes that this transparency demonstrates a business’s commitment to ethical conduct and treating stakeholders well, which is highly valued by today’s and future workforce.

He explained, “I worry about the future of working environments and how my son will fit into that, and whether he would be treated with dignity and respect. For me, B Corp companies provide a sense of security in this regard, thanks to the stringent requirements a company must meet regarding its workers, among the other four pillars.”

B Corp team image

Olivia, our co-founder and head of innovation, shares this sentiment. She believes that achieving B Corp certification has compelled us to consider the decisions we make as a business and their impact on both our internal and external stakeholders.

“It’s about being a sustainable business,” she emphasised. “A safe place for people to work, where they feel respected, heard, and can focus on their growth and taking care of their families. A business that partners with suppliers and seeks win-win solutions to ensure mutual prosperity.”

While we acknowledge that this process hasn’t solved all of our environmental challenges, it has guided our plans to continuously improve. Many team members have found deep meaning in this process.

“As a father of two, sustainability is always at the forefront of my mind,” shared Manjeet, our data manager. “B Corp has helped us ensure we are tracking the right metrics and forced us to develop a plan to reduce our environmental impact, which has been truly rewarding for me.”

As Hello Chef continues its journey as a certified B Corp, we are committed to making a positive impact and leaving a lasting legacy. We understand that this achievement is just the beginning, and we are excited about the opportunities it presents to create a better world for our employees, customers, and the communities we serve.

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