Chef’s Choice: Chicken with Lemon Coleslaw

By Jul 29, 2019 Chef's Choice

It feels like it’s getting hotter with every passing day in July & August all around the United Arab Emirates. It’s certainly the case here in Dubai. As we always do we make sure you have some recipes that can cool you off whether you decide to prepare it for dinner only or pack some of it with you to work for lunch.

The Creamy Pan Fried Chicken with Fresh Lemon Coleslaw is perfect for just that. Not only will it cool you off but you will still feel light as it’s a low-carb option and you’ll certainly be pleased with the flavor of both the chicken and coleslaw.

You don’t usually find zucchini in Coleslaw like we have in this recipe but after you try it you’ll know why it’s perfect especially for summer in Dubai. The chicken is pan fried with sour cream to ensure you get a nice soft juicy result that your taste buds will instantly thank you for.

Healthy quinoa stir-fry, hearty tomato soup, Indonesian rendang, meatball curry…

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