Chef’s Choice: Halloumi with Za’atar Roasted Cauliflower

By May 18, 2019 Chef's Choice

Our Ramadan specials have reached a new dimension: a vegetarian one! Try the Halloumi with Za’atar Roasted Cauliflower, Dates and Pine Nuts. It’s highly likely that you’ll fall in love with its combinations of salty and sweet, soft and crispy, chewy and crunchy… It’s super easy to go vegetarian for a day with this one!

Crispy chicken, creamy pasta, Moroccan and Egyptian delights…

What else is good next week?

Start your week with a hearty soup. Opt for the Thai Green Curry Chicken Soup or the light yet satisfying Chicken and Carrot Laksa with Noodles.

A creamy pasta will be the winner among kids and adults alike. The Creamy Salmon and Tomato Pasta is super easy and quick to make (20 minutes!) and the taste hits a home run for sure.

Have a steak night! The Beef Rib Eye with Zucchini Gratin au Gruyere and Dijon Sauce was one of our first Gourmet recipes that we introduced last November, and it instantly became a huge customer favourite. We’re happy to offer it on the menu again!

End your week of great eats with a trip to Morocco or Egypt. Enjoy Marrakech Chicken and Quinoa Bowls or Kefta Mkaoura, Moroccan Lamb Meatball and Egg Pan. One of the greatest recipes of the week is our vegan version of kushari, the Egyptian Style Quinoa Kushari with Fried Onions. A firm customer favourite!

Halloumi with Za’atar Roasted Cauliflower, Dates and Pine Nuts.