Chef’s Choice: One Pot Satay Curry

By Oct 1, 2019 Chef's Choice

Are you a fan of Asian chicken satay skewers? Enjoy a full bowl of those signature flavours in the Chef’s Choice of the week. This one pot wonder is hard to beat!

Start by chopping chicken breasts into small bite-size cubes, and fry them in a pan. Then chop your sweet potatoes, onion and ginger.

The hardest part is already done!

Next, pretty much all the ingredients in this recipe (except garnishes) go into a pan: the sweet potatoes, the flavourful pastes, and of course, the coconut milk and the peanut butter.

You’ll find that this delicious curry has the perfectly balanced amount of peanut butter in it!

When the curry is nearly done, prep the finishing touches: limes, peanuts, red chilli and spring onion. Divide the succulent curry among plates and sprinkle with all the goodies. Dig in!

Click here for the full recipe!

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One Pot Satay Curry with Chicken and Sweet Potato