Chef’s Choice: Thai Fish Curry

By Jul 22, 2019 Chef's Choice

Another week with another great Chef’s Choice recipe. This time our Chef’s picked the Thai Fish Curry with Spinach, Sugar snaps and Coconut Milk.

The Thai Curry’s vegetables cut and ready to be cooked!

If you’re a fan of the Thai cuisine then this is the choice for you. It’s not only full of great flavors but it’s also very easy to make. Once you’re done with cutting your veggies everything will be smooth sailing from there.

Check it out yourself as Olivia cooks this dish in under 25 minutes. When you’re done watching this you’ll surely be adding it to your menu for next week! Don’t forget to add the curry powder to taste as it can be too spicy if you have little eaters in your house.

Vegetarian enchiladas, Pho soup, fried salmon, lamb sliders, whole roasted chicken…

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Thai Fish Curry with Spinach, Sugar snaps and Coconut Milk