Chef’s Choice: Tuna BLT Sandwich

By Oct 8, 2019 Chef's Choice

Looking to find the perfect restaurant for your date night? Look no further! You’ll find that you already have the perfect location covered. Skip the average and overpriced restaurants, cook far better feast at home!

Every week we have a Gourmet recipe on the menu. Very often it’s a premium cut of meat with restaurant-style sides and a fancy sauce.

This time we are in the mood for something a bit more casual. Let’s see if we can get you inspired as well! Why don’t you cook these Fresh Tuna BLT sandwiches with cheese fries? Together just the two of you? Maybe pop open a bottle of your favourite hop, too!

First, cut your potatoes to fries. Coat them with vegetable oil (instead of olive oil, for a crisper finish) and a generous sprinkle of salt. Pop in the preheated oven.

While the potatoes are roasting, prep your sandwich fillings. Marinate thinly cut shallots in lemon juice, olive oil, salt and pepper. Combine your sandwich sauce. Prep the veggies.

The two prides and joys of this recipe are the smoked turkey bacon and the fresh tuna. We have a bit of surf and turf action going on!

Focusing on textures will get you far. So, make sure the bacon becomes crispy, and the tuna doesn’t overcook. It’s most delicious when it remains nice and pink on the inside!

You’re nearly there! Just add the cheese on top of the oven-roasted fries and assemble the BLT’s.

Once you’re ready to devour your gorgeous sandwiches, make sure to open your mouth as wide as possible. Don’t be afraid to make a little mess! It’s not your first date, so have fun and enjoy!

Click here to see the full recipe! And watch how beautifully Olivia cooks this amazing sandwich on our Youtube channel. You can easily see how she enjoys cooking and eating casual gourmet!

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Fresh Tuna BLT Sandwich with Cheese Fries