Congratulations: The Sugarfied & Co Tour!

By Oct 8, 2019 Uncategorized

Most of you probably wondered what happened to the Golden Ticket winners…did anyone win? did the Sugarfied & Co candy store tour take place? Stick around and read below if you’d like to find out, before that we’d like to give you a quick recap.

For those of you who don’t know the story yet, at the start of September we announced a collaboration with the handmade Belgian chocolate makers & well known Dubai based candy store Sugarfied & Co.

A flyer was added in all boxes ordered on the 1st week of September announcing that 8 lucky Hello Chef customers will find Sugarfied & Co Golden Tickets in their boxes! Everyone who ordered that week received a mini chocolate box and a discount code to get 15% off online orders from (Code: HELLOCHEF – expiry has been extended to 29 February 2020)

The promise was as follows: whoever finds the Golden Ticket in their box will get an exclusive tour around the Sugarfied & Co store with the owners & a Large Chocolate Box which contains a variety of the brand’s best selling Belgian handmade chocolates.

If you already know all of this then you’re probably wondering what happened after that. We’re happy to announce that all of our eight winners have received their boxes & the tour during the first week of October!

Rana & Mazen, the owners of Sugarfied & Co, took the winners & their families on a tour around the store engaging everyone with stories of the most well known candy brands in the US and around the world. Stories about M&Ms, Snickers, Razzles, Hershey’s and many more!

The families got to try out a variety of Sugarfied & Co’s best selling Belgian handmade chocolate, candy, their famous ice cream and their signature coffee! The children enjoyed warm cups of Belgian hot chocolate.

Hello Chef’s founder Olivia was also present with her family enjoying every magical moment during the tour. It was a delight meeting the winners & watching the children smile as they dipped their pretzels in white chocolate, milk chocolate & caramel finally topping it off with sprinkles, cookie crumbles & more!

We are sure you’ll enjoy visiting Sugarfied & Co’s magical stores in The Beach JBR and Riverland as the weather is starting to cool down in October. When you get there don’t shy away from asking for samples, they love it when you do.

Once again congratulations to all our lucky Sugarfied & Co Golden Ticket winners! We enjoyed meeting all of you in person at the tour, thank you for coming.