Hello Chef Christmas Calendar Opens

By Dec 2, 2018 Chistmas

In the next three weeks Hello Chef is getting ready for Christmas and New Year. We’re hoping you’ll keep us company! Read all about our special Christmas offerings from below.

This week (the menu for 8 December – 14 December) our kitchen staff will start packing some special seasonal ingredients into your Choice and Classic Boxes. Select Chicken and Goat Cheese Salad, Sweet Potato Boats, or Seared Duck Breasts from the menu. All the spices, nuts, fruits and beautiful colours in these dishes will have you singing carols!

Note that you can take advantage of our Christmas recipes to practice cooking components of your Christmas Day menu. When the time comes to make the sauce or side dish for your festive dinner, you’ll have the recipe – with perfected cooking skills – ready and steady.

On the menu for 15 December – 21 December you’ll find two amazing sauces to incorporate with any Christmas main course you might have in mind.

The Gourmet Recipe of the week is a rack of lamb which comes with a beautiful balsamic reduction. The orange cinnamon sauce with our chicken dish is not to be missed either, not to mention the sides in these two recipes: creamy parmesan parsnip puree, and comforting sweet potato mash… Let’s just say: yum!

The menu for 22 December – 28 December has your holidays covered. Apricot Chicken with Honey Roasted Carrots and Brussels Sprouts is a festive main course for Christmas Eve, followed by Fillet Steak in Cream Sauce with Blue Cheese Butternut Pumpkin as a Christmas Day dinner.

You can easily build your two days of Christmas around these main dishes. Have two seasonal starters or a set of small bites figured out, and one or two delicious decadent desserts on hand. It’s the best, most scrumptious, and stress-free Christmas ever!

Living in the UAE, you’re most likely to celebrate New Year in style. We will put Prawns and Sea bass with Lemon Garlic Oil and Parsnip Puree on the menu for 29 December – 4 January. Can you imagine a more perfect dish to go with a glass (or two) of bubbly?

Stay tuned for our blog posts as well. In the weeks to come: How to make ginger bread cookies (with Olivia’s childhood recipe!), Hot concoctions for holidays, Christmas salads, Fun quiz, Fancy small bites for New Year’s Eve (it will be epic), and more!