Important updates to our recipe cards

By Nov 16, 2021 Announcement

Things have been cooking up at Hello Chef HQ. You may remember we recently launched our flexi-weekly menu feature – meaning you can make one-off changes to your order, such as delivery time or box size. But as part of our mission to make our service easy, convenient, and safe for you to use, we have just released three important updates to our recipe cards that we want to tell you more about.

1. New tips

We have adopted a new format for adding helpful hints and tips to our recipe cards. Previously, tips were divided into ‘Tips for fussy eaters’ and ‘Pro tips.’ Now, we are incorporating topical, educational, and seasonal tips directly into the recipe steps when appropriate. This gives us the opportunity to include more information to enhance your cooking experience, as well as offering additional support to families who prefer to have multiple options to modify a recipe to their required needs.

2. Increased font size

Based on feedback, we have now increased the font size on our recipe cards. We hope this will make your cooking process easier and more efficient.

3. Allergen information

We now display more information than ever before on specific allergens, both on our recipe cards and on the website when you are selecting your recipes. We highlight specific ingredients that contain one or more of the 15 major allergens. You can find the full list here. However, we currently do not yet offer the option to tailor your plan for specific allergies. Therefore, if you are hypoallergenic, we do not recommend that you order from Hello Chef. While we leave it to our customers to review the ingredients and determine which recipes best meet their dietary needs, we hope that this new information will help to aid those decisions with confidence.

We have many more exciting updates on the way. Until then, happy cooking!