Our Response Plan to the Coronavirus Outbreak

By Mar 19, 2020 Announcement

On Friday, 13th of March, our Founder and Head Chef Olivia Manner sent out an email to customers and followers detailing all the actions Hello Chef is taking to ensure additional safety measures and precautions.

What precautionary measures have we taken in response to the coronavirus outbreak?

1. Enhanced hygiene and cleaning procedures and protective clothing are now in place, with extensive training given to all staff

2. Intensified daily sanitizing procedures for all work surfaces and contact points in our facilities

3. All staff, partners and suppliers frequenting our operations facilities have their temperature screened and recorded before entering

4. All desk-level employees have begun working from home to further reduce risks

5. We have been in close contact with our delivery partner, Transcorp, to monitor their response and are fully in line with how they are treating the situation

Furthermore, on the 17th of March we announced that all upcoming deliveries will be ‘no-contact’ deliveries. If you’re wondering what no-contact delivery is please read below.

What is no-contact delivery?

It’s a delivery method that ensures there are no direct forms of physical contact between our customers and the delivery drivers.

Here is how no-contact delivery will work:

1. Your delivery driver will arrive at your location

2. The box will be laid down directly in front of your doorstep

3. A picture of the box will be taken as a proof of delivery

4. The driver will step back at least 1 meter and wait nearby for you to collect it

How is this different from before?

Previously our driver would hand over the box to you and most times request for your e-signature on his phone to confirm the receipt of your order. Both contact points will be eliminated to encourage social distancing and prevent direct physical contact. This is to ensure your safety, the safety of our drivers and ultimately do our part in securing the safety of our community.

We will strive to continuously seek and implement global industry best practices and recommendations to ensure we are doing all we can for the safety of our customers, staff, drivers and ultimately our community.

Finally, we assure you that you can rely on us to safely deliver your food to your home. You can place your order by following this link: https://hellochef.me/our-boxes

We will always be here for you during this time.