Rate the Recipes – Your Favourites Make a Comeback

By Nov 26, 2018 Customer Favorite

With the launch of our new website, we have improved the way you can rate the recipes you choose and cook.

We hope that you can now help us keep you happy more easily than before! How, when and why should you pitch in? Find out below.

Why should I rate the recipes?

We ask for feedback on the recipes for one main reason: so we can constantly learn what works and what doesn’t. Your feedback helps us to know when something went really well or when we missed the mark. It also helps generate ideas for the future. Food is such a vast territory that it can be challenging to get it right without knowing how we’re doing.

Your opinions also help us understand what recipes to keep and run again in the future! If you want to see a recipe again, providing feedback on it is a great way to make it happen.

All your ratings and comments provide Hello Chef’s recipe development team with a lot of valuable information. We are grateful to learn what type of food our customers like best, and what are the preferred cooking methods, ingredients, and so on.

The bottom line is: Thank you for helping us ensure that your home cooked food is always delicious!

How can I rate my recipes?

It’s easy: just log into your Hello Chef My Account page and click on the ‘Rate Recipes’.

Every recipe you receive in your box will be available there, to rate on a scale of one to four.

When should I rate?

You should be able to rate your recipes four days after you receive your box, which gives enough time for you to have enjoyed your food. We will also continue to send you a friendly reminder by email, as we did before.

You will also see your choices from previous weeks on the Rate Recipes page, so you can rate the meals you cooked whenever it suits you.

Can I leave a comment?

Yes, please do! The more information we receive about your experience, good or bad, the better.

Every piece of information is important, like whether it was easy to follow, how it tasted, and even if it was a challenge to cook the recipe in the cooking time we mentioned