Dubai Fitness Challenge: 5 recipes to see out 30×30 with a bang

By Nov 24, 2021 Recipes

The Dubai Fitness Challenge is a month-long campaign to build awareness around health and wellbeing across the emirate. Throughout November, the city has been brimming with fitness fanatics attending thousands of free workout classes, awareness events and even cycling down a car-free Sheikh Zayed Road; all in the name of encouraging residents to take part in 30 minutes of exercise a day, for 30 consecutive days.  

If you are someone who is looking to continue with this momentum of leading a healthy lifestyle, or perhaps you’re looking for some help in taking a step in the right direction, we have you covered. Our healthy, nutritious and delicious meals are perfect for both a pre-workout energy boost and a hearty post-run feed. Which dish will you choose?

Light Chilli Con Carne with Black Beans

This low calorie take on the classic chilli con carne is a great option for fitness enthusiasts. Did you know? Although it often occupies a similar role to grains in dishes, quinoa is actually a seed from the same family as beets, chard and spinach.

For the full Light Chilli Con Carne recipe, click here. 

Creamy Chestnut Mushroom Risotto with Vegan Cream Cheeze

Carb lovers, rejoice! This creamy risotto dish is packed full of starchy, arborio rice that is great for fuelling you through your next endurance event. The best news? It’s under 500 calories, too!

For the full Creamy Chestnut Mushroom Risotto recipe, click here. 

Masgouf – Iraqi Seabass with Vermicelli Rice

Masgouf is Iraq’s national dish and is traditionally prepared with carp over an open fire. Our version uses seabass instead, but it’s a great option for a carb-heavy dish if you’re looking for support in your recovery and muscle growth. 

For the full Masgouf Iraqi Seabass recipe, click here. 

Pesto Baked Chicken with Butter Bean Mash, Roasted Tomatoes and Zucchini

Our butter bean mash is a great low carb side, flavoured with fresh lemon, salted butter and Parmesan. Serve it with roasted veggies and flavourful chicken for a delicious midweek meal that supports your health goals!

For the full Pesto Baked Chicken recipe, click here. 

Crispy Chicken and Hummus Fattoush Salad with Pomegranate Molasses

New to Fattoush? Think of it as a Levantine tumble made with crispy bread and, well, whatever else you fancy! If you’re heading out to train but in need of a quick energy boost, whip up this speedy salad instead of venturing to the vending machine. It’s guaranteed to see you through your workout!

For the full Crispy Chicken and Hummus Fattoush recipe, click here. 

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