Eid recipes: Celebratory dishes for a fabulous feast

By May 10, 2021 Recipes

As the holy month of Ramadan draws to a close, it’s time to plan your celebratory feast with our collection of easy Eid recipes. From one-pot tagines to Middle Eastern-infused flatbreads, we’ve got plenty of options for you to choose from when building your Eid table. 

But before we dive into the dishes, let’s first recap on why Eid is celebrated, and what we can expect over the next few days… 

What is Eid Al Fitr?

Roughly translated, Eid Al Fitr means the “festival of ending the fast” and follows a month-long period of fasting for Muslims. During Eid, Muslims typically celebrate with a large family lunch. They perform ‘zakat’ – a donation to charity, and are encouraged to forgive and forget any arguments they may have had over the last 12 months.

Will you be cooking for loved ones this Eid? Check out our top pick of celebratory Eid recipes below, and let us know which ones you try at home! We’d love to hear from you. Share your Eid tables with us on Instagram and TikTok.

One-pot Lamb and Zucchini Couscous

This one’s as quick as it is delicious. Ready in just 20 minutes and packed with Greek flavours, it’ll be a guaranteed hit on your Eid table this year. Check out our top pick of lamb dishes here.

Get the full One-pot Lamb and Zucchini Couscous recipe here. 

Zaatar and Feta Manakish with Cherry Tomatoes

If you’re a resident of the Middle East, you’ll have undoubtedly heard of the famous Levantine delicacy – manakish. Similar to pizza, manakish is a dough topped with thyme, cheese or ground meat. Great for sharing at your upcoming Eid celebration. 

Get the full Zaatar and Feta Manakish recipe here. 

Honey-fried Halloumi Flatbreads with Hummus, Avocado and Pomegranate 

Easy, beautiful flatbreads packed with Middle Eastern flavours. What’s not to like? Ready in just 20 minutes, these make for the perfect speedy Eid recipe. 

Get the full Honey-fried Halloumi Flatbreads recipe here. 

Chicken and Herb Salad with Tahini Sauce

Pomegranate molasses come with a healthy punch of acidity. Perfect when paired with sweet honey and salty butter in this refreshing Eid recipe. 

Get the full Chicken and Herb Salad recipe here. 

Middle Eastern Lamb and Eggplant Crumble

This gorgeous lamb dish is the perfect centrepiece for your Eid celebrations. Top tender baked eggplants with spice-infused lamb and finish with two Middle Eastern favourites – tahini and pomegranate. Have you ordered this dish in your Hello Chef box this week? 

Get the full Middle Eastern Lamb and Eggplant Crumble recipe here. 

Healthy Chicken Biryani with Cauliflower Rice

Although considered a dish of Indian origin, biryani is also considered a traditional UAE meal – especially when preparing Eid recipes. Our low-carb version comes in at just 625 calories and is bound to impress. Check out our top pick of cauliflower recipes here.

Get the full Healthy Chicken Biryani with Cauliflower Rice recipe here. 

Moroccan Squash and Chickpea Tagine with Feta

eid recipes

The sweet squash and salty feta in this North African-inspired tagine is a match made in heaven. If you have the time and want extra flavour, we’d recommend roasting the squash for 30 minutes instead of boiling it. 

Get the full Moroccan Squash and Chickpea Tagine recipe here. 

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