Healthy comfort food to kick-start the new year

By Jan 4, 2021 Recipes

As with every new year that rolls around, it’s no surprise to hear that the theme of January remains focused on healthy eating. After the slew of festive dinners and indulging in one-too-many servings of cheese and crackers, January is the month of promise and ambition to embark on a healthy, nutritious year ahead. But who said healthy eating meant small portions and salads every day? 

Food that nurtures the soul and feels like a warm hug can still be low in calories and high in nutritional value. To show you how, we’ve compiled some of our favourite healthy comfort dishes that you’ll find on our menu over the coming weeks. View our upcoming menus here.

Creamy Tomato Soup with Tapenade Crostini

You can’t go wrong with a hearty tomato soup, and our take on the age-old favourite will make sure you never to go tinned again! Great for a light supper or the perfect lunchtime option. 

For the full tomato soup recipe, click here. 

Seabass with Mediterranean Fennel and Tomato Stew

What this dish lacks in calories, it certainly makes up for in flavour! Fennel acts as a punchy addition to any recipe, and it pairs beautifully with this rich tomato sauce.  

For the full seabass recipe, click here. 

Creamy Chestnut Mushroom Risotto with Vegan Cream Cheese

Risotto is one of our go-to comfort dishes. With this one coming in at just under 500 calories per serving while still maintaining that gorgeous creamy consistency that we all love, it’s a must-try this month!

For the full mushroom risotto recipe, click here.

Irish Beef and Potato Stew with Sour Cream and Chives

Hearty stew and potatoes – what more could you ask for? 

For the full Irish stew recipe, click here.

Vegan Sausage and Mushroom Stroganoff with Mash and Green Beans

This is vegan comfort food at its very best. For a dose of extra indulgence, add a dash of soy cream to the mash potatoes for a silky finish.

For the full vegan sausage recipe, click here. 

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