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Ingredient spotlight: Miso

By Nov 3, 2021 Recipes

In support of our month-long celebration of Japanese cuisine, (if you missed it, check out our Taste of Tokyo range here) we are shining a light on a key ingredient found in a collection of our favourite Japanese dishes. Miso – the salty, umami paste that forms the basis of the classic miso soup, is a mixture of soybeans, rice, salt and koji (which is mold, believe it or not!) Koji is a fungus that serves as a fermentation starter, and when combined with soybeans and salt, probiotic-rich miso is born.

There are more than 1,000 varieties of this Japanese staple, which can all vary in texture, colour and flavour. Generally, the darker the colour, the stronger the taste. Miso paste is ready-to-use right out of the jar, and adds a welcome dose of umami flavour to anything from salad dressings and sweets, to stews and broths. Aside from its flavour profile, it’s also said to offer a number of health benefits, from supporting gut health (due to it being made from fermented soybeans, therefore containing beneficial probiotics) to enhancing immune functions from its rich vitamin and mineral content. Since miso contains plenty of sodium, it’s also thought to be a great source of electrolytes for athletes. For a supercharged recovery meal, try our Miso Salmon with Cauliflower Rice and Sesame Spinach.

If you’re keen to incorporate miso into your Weekly Menu, why not add one of our miso recipes to your next box? Here’s what we have coming up on the menu…

Chicken Ramen with Soft Boiled Egg and Sweetcorn

First up is this quick but comforting chicken ramen – one of our speciality Japanese recipes that is part of the Taste of Tokyo range this month. While time is traditionally the most important ingredient in ramen, we’ve managed to speed up the process and still pack in plenty of flavour – including a strong umami base from the star ingredient, miso!

For the full Chicken Ramen recipe, click here. 

Japanese Chicken Thighs with Miso Eggplant and Cucumber

Miso adds a decadent glaze to beautifully charred eggplants in this flavour-packed Japanese recipe. Serve them up alongside marinated chicken and a zingy cucumber salad for a midweek meal we’re sure you’re going to love.

For the full Japanese Chicken Thighs recipe, click here. 

Salmon in Sesame Sauce with Jasmine Rice and Spinach Salad

Like all oily fish, salmon is rich in omega-3 fatty acids, making it an excellent promoter of heart and brain health. Pair it with the benefits in miso and it’s truly a match made in heaven!

For the full Salmon in Sesame Sauce recipe, click here. 

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