Introducing: Customisable recipes!

By Aug 23, 2022 Announcement

Have you noticed an exciting new addition to our upcoming menus? 

We are delighted to announce the launch of customisable recipes – available to add to your Hello Chef boxes for deliveries starting 1 September 2022 (read: that’s next week!)  

We are so excited to finally release this feature to our customers as we continue to offer flexible and convenient meal choices to home cooks across the UAE. 

Want a sneak peek at the customisable recipes that are coming up over the next few weeks? Click here!

Pictured: Soy Glazed Chicken with Asian Slaw, with the option to customise to a vegetarian alternative – Soy Glazed Eggplant

What are customisable recipes? 

Put simply, our customisable recipes allow Hello Chef customers to swap a protein or carb for an alternative. This might be a swap from chicken to prawns, meat to vegetarian or cauliflower rice to regular rice. We hope this will allow customers to have more flexibility in their meal choices and increased variety on a weekly basis. 

Are there customisable recipes on every menu? 

Yes! Starting 1 September 2022, you can expect to find at least 2 customisable recipes on our menu every week. We hope to have at least one option to swap to a vegetarian alternative on each menu.

How will I know when a recipe is customisable? 

It’s simple – just look out for our swappable icon on our recipe tiles. Click on the icon to view the options available for your chosen dish, then click ‘Add’ to save your selection. 

Is there a surcharge for customisable recipes? 

No – you can choose an alternative protein or carb for no extra cost. 

The customisable options aren’t to my taste. Can I swap to something else? 

Unfortunately not. Each recipe swap has been carefully curated by our chefs to ensure that the protein or carb alternative delivers the same high quality and taste that our customers are used to. Moving forward, more customisable recipes will become available, so we hope you will find one to suit your needs. 

To see the upcoming customisable recipes on the menu, click here. Remember to look out for our swappable icon on recipes to view the alternative options available! 

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