Cooking for kids? Check out our new feature!

By Aug 17, 2022 Announcement

Parents with fussy eaters, listen up! 

We are delighted to announce our brand-new recipe feature, Tips for Kids

Working alongside pediatric dietician, Jordana Ventzke, we have created a range of tips to help encourage even the pickiest of eaters to get involved with family dinners. 

Whether you have the Thai Green Chicken Curry in your box, or the Crispy Chickpea and Hummus Fatteh; we want to help make your chosen recipes work for the whole family. 

What can I expect from Tips for Kids?

The reason behind introducing this feature is to simplify the mealtime experience for parents and children alike. As part of the feature, we are introducing creative plating tips when cooking for kids, which aim to make meals less overwhelming for your little ones. Plus, we’ve added helpful hints for how to introduce new flavours, expanding your child’s palate with every meal. Above all, we hope that these tips will enable a stress-free meal for the whole family.

How will I know which recipes are suitable for kids? 

We hope that all of our recipes can be made suitable for kids, and will eventually roll out these tips across a large proportion of our dishes. In the meantime, simply look out for the Tips for Kids tag or our child icon on the recipe tiles when selecting your weekly meals. 

Where can I find out more about cooking for kids? 

We have created a guided series to address any questions or concerns you may have around cooking for little ones. Jordana has offered her expert opinion on a range of issues, such as how to ensure a smooth dinnertime experience to in-depth plating tips, which you can read more of here. In addition, you can watch our Tips for Kids feature in action via our YouTube channel

To check out the kid-friendly recipes coming up on the menu, click here.

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